150th Anniversary Clarke Brothers Capture
Maitland 2016

150th Anniversary of capture of the Clarke brothers

29th and 30th of April 2017 - The Capture of the Clarkes Weekend
April 2017 saw the 150th Anniversary of the capture of the Clarke Brothers, who had been terrorising NSW in the Braidwood area specifically.

The weekend went off like a cracker, and not just because the Braidwood re-enactment went through over 400 black powder cartridges either.

The Ben Hall movie was shown in the morning and received many accolades from the movie goers.

The main event, (the re enactment) received very high praise for its attention to detail. There were about 3,000 folks who came along to witness the historically accurate recreation in pretty much all aspects.

The Dinner for about 250, also went well and without a hitch, followed by the re-enactment trials of the Clarkes in the Braidwood Court House the next day. Around 390 would witness the trial re enactment, which also went very well.

Attached are some great articles reagrding the weekend from the Braidwood Times, have a good look you never know who you might see.




Braidwood Times