150th Anniversary Clarke Brothers Capture
Maitland 2016

About us - Our History
The Descendants of Colonial Police and Bushrangers

Our group was formed over 30 years ago at the suggestion of Australian author and historian, Edgar Penzig. Edgar thought it would be a great idea to bring together the families of police, bushrangers, victims and harbourers. Many of those individuals were involved in his research over the 22 books he published encompassing the Colonial bushranging period.  He sought to bring together family members from both sides of the law to dine in a fraternal atmosphere, and to foster interest in colonial history.

Edgar.JPGThe unlikely event was to prove so successful, that the group has continued to meet annually to dine, socialise, share research interests and listen to a guest speaker on a history-related topic. Of recent times, due mainly to Sesquicentenary commemorations, we have had weekends away in recognition of the events that were created by our family members those 150 years ago.  

Our aims are to

  • Promote Australian Colonial History (ACH)
  • Promote individual ACH and family research projects and members’ interests.
  • Build family association and membership, and
  • Facilitate contact not only with families of police, bushrangers, harbourers and victims, but also more broadly the community involved at the time, such as the judiciary, clergy, shop/hotel owners, etc., and author/historian members.


Australia's bushranging period spanned nearly 100 years, from the first convict bushrangers active from 1790 to the 1860s, through the outlawed bushrangers of the 1860s and 1870s who were able to be shot on sight, to the shooting of the Kelly Gang in 1880” (Source: Australian Government Culture Portal: http://www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au/articles/bushrangers/)